Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Men Who Play With Their Ghoulies!

Happy Halloween, folks. This is my last hurrah episode on the Horrorphilia Network. This is the show you didn't ask for and probably didn't want. This is Cinema Beef's Ghoulies retrospective! I am joined by two Scottish gents by the name of Gill and Roscoe! We talk about possession, little people, physics of the bumper car and tons more! Join us as we celebrate all things slimy! Stay classy, Jason Lloyd! You have been awesome!

Contact Info

Find me on Facebook as Gary Hill and on Twitter @ GDubby

Find him on Facebook as Gill Rockatansky or on Twitter @GillRockatansky

Find him on Facebook as Rosz Vee and on Twitter @BodaciousHorror

Shoot me a voice mail and say hello.  It would be great to hear from you!  Call me at 708 740-0045!
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