Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cristi Hates Howard

Cinema Beef is going out of the slaughter house and into the rain.  We welcome to the show Cristi and Huke Green from the brand new show Cristi Hates Horror.  Huke and I are letting her live a horror free existence with these three cinematic gems.  First up, we talk about the things a guy will go through for 12 bucks an hour in the action "thriller" Hard Rain.  Next, we talk aliens, catchy rock tunes and inter-species relations in the 80s classic Howard the Duck!  Finally, war comes to our homeland and the only thing standing in the way of total domination is Thor and his Wolverines in Red Dawn from 2012. Duncan is also back for a brand new episode of  The Fifth Dimension is Located Just South of Glasgow. So put on your slicker, practice your quack fu and always carry your AK!

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Music Credits

"Black Rain" performed by Ozzy Osbourne from the album "Black Rain"
"America, Fuck Yeah" performed by DVDA from the album "Team America : World Police"

Cover art by Corey Graham

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