Friday, September 27, 2013

Cinema Beef Loves Silly Zombies

 I know what you're thinking. Do a regular show, jerk! Well, this is one of my favorite show I feel how we have ever done. Corey, Jesse and Duncan are back with me to discuss zombie comedies! We celebrate four films in this show. First up, we go back to the 50s and eat some flesh when we review Fido. Next, we chow down on some rancid chicken and some mediocrity when we dismantle the awesomeness known as Poultrygeist! Next, we talk about lost love and losing appendages when we review My Boyfriend's Back. Finally, we put on terrible clothes and kick some zombie ass when we get geeked and talk about Dance of the Dead. This one runs a little long and I make no apologies. I also channel Willis Wheeler when I refer to films as joints and do a horrible impression at the end. Thanks for listening!

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