Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dope, Guns and Nosy Neighbors Make Max a Dull Boy!

It's another international incident when I chat in great length with Gill Rockatansky of Gill and Roscoe's Bodacious Horror Podcast! We talk about many things including hot tub etiquette, Bob Dylan and oh yeah we talk about films as well. On this edition, we open with the drug-laced bowl of drearios known as Requiem for a Dream from 2000. Next, we go blasting through the UK with pens and guns blazing when we discuss Hot Fuzz from 2007. Finally, we become warriors of the wasteland when we get to laugh and pillage about The Road Warrior A.K.A. Mad Max 2! So, find your dealer, never trust your local government and always fill up on gas!

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Music Credits
"The World Need's Guts" performed by Alice Cooper from the album "Constrictor"
"The No No Song" Performed by Ringo Starr from the album "Goodnight Vienna"
"Fuck the Police" Performed by Rage Against the Machine 
"Black Sunshine" Performed by White Zombie from the album "El Sexorcisto"

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