Saturday, November 23, 2013

Flex Your Guns and Shoot Up!

Your humble host is back, head cold and all.  I apologize ahead of time for that.  I am joined by the awesome and chatty, but not in a bad way, Mr. Chris Excess of Terror Troop.  The pride of Mexico City and I have got some wonderful selections for you this time around that will stimulate the senses!  First, Dr. West is back and he is shaking up the prison system in Beyond Re-Animator!  Next, Conan is back with a brand new set of commandos to find treasure and to punch animals in Conan the Destroyer! Finally, Chris and I have a love fest for Luc Besson when we discuss houseplants, guns and the how milk can make you the best assassin ever in Leon: The Professional!  On this episode, I also announce Cinema Beef’s first giveaway!  Thanks for all the love, support and patience.


Beyond Re-Animator

Conan the Destroyer

Music Break (Led Zeppelin – The Battle of Evermore)

Leon: The Professional

Various promos


Musical Exit (Sting – Shape of My Heart)

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