Thursday, December 5, 2013

Leather, Revenge and Dudes Who Wear Makeup!

Cinema Beef is back and we are tackling all kinds of genres tonight. On this engorged episode, I am joined by comic writer and creator of the Lil' Levi web comic, Sean Kelley. First, we discuss the physics of identity theft and the split personalities it affects in this crazy world when we cover Sam Raimi's plunge into the comic book film in 1990's Darkman. Next, we go back to school and shine up some chrome when we go into our review of 1982's Grease 2. Finally, we go the strip to find some random skanks and some good tunes when we talk about all things mid to late 80s metal in Penelope Spherris' doc The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2 : The Metal Years! So strap on your spiked gauntlets, put on some clean bandages and maybe someday you can be a cool rider!



Darkman Review

Music Break (The Payback - James Brown)

Grease 2 Review

Decline of Western Civilization Part 2 : The Metal Years Review


Show Close

Closeout song (Cradle to the Grave - Motorhead)

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Music Credits
"The Payback" performed by James Brown from the album "The Payback"
"Cradle to the Grave" performed by Motorhead from the album "Rock N' Roll"

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