Saturday, November 23, 2013

Flex Your Guns and Shoot Up!

Your humble host is back, head cold and all.  I apologize ahead of time for that.  I am joined by the awesome and chatty, but not in a bad way, Mr. Chris Excess of Terror Troop.  The pride of Mexico City and I have got some wonderful selections for you this time around that will stimulate the senses!  First, Dr. West is back and he is shaking up the prison system in Beyond Re-Animator!  Next, Conan is back with a brand new set of commandos to find treasure and to punch animals in Conan the Destroyer! Finally, Chris and I have a love fest for Luc Besson when we discuss houseplants, guns and the how milk can make you the best assassin ever in Leon: The Professional!  On this episode, I also announce Cinema Beef’s first giveaway!  Thanks for all the love, support and patience.


Beyond Re-Animator

Conan the Destroyer

Music Break (Led Zeppelin – The Battle of Evermore)

Leon: The Professional

Various promos


Musical Exit (Sting – Shape of My Heart)

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What th Hell Did Moe Make Me Watch?!

Episode 17 is here and I'm glad you are all are still with us. This time with a brand-new guest! Is the bearded master of all things VHS, Mr. Moe Porne! On this show, I am graced with three virgin watches in a Herschell Gordon Lewis triple bill! We take in preachers, revenuers and the worship of white lightning in This Stuff'll Kill Ya. Next, mean teens are angry and they take it out on everything and everyone in Just For the Hell of It. Last, we dive into the world of seedy photographers and rapey eyes 
in Scum of the Earth! I can say 2 out of 3 of these are must sees. Listen to find out which ones!

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Music Credits

"White Lightning" performed by George Jones from the album "White Lightning and Other Favorites"
"Violent Mood Swings (Thread Mix)" performed by Stabbing Westward from the album "Clerks OST"
"There She Goes Again" performed by The Velvet Underground from the album "The Velvet Underground and Nico"

R.I.P. Lou Reed  1942-2013
Have a ball in rock and roll heaven!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cheesedick Closers and Magnificent Montages Playlist

Remember the days when films had those songs that would come up when the characters were either working out or doing a project of just trying to real some insurmountable goal? Do you remember those often cheesy end of film songs?  Then, this is the playlist to feed your appetite!  This is 20 tracks that I hope will keep you unnecessarily motivated for at least an hour and 40 minutes.  Then, you're on your own.  Or just start it all over again!  Here is the track listing!

"Megaforce" performed by   Dallas Aor Band 707 from the film "Megaforce" (1982) (Listener request!)
"You Got the Touch" perfromed by Stan Bush from the film "Transformers : The Movie" (1986)
"Win in the End" performed by Mark Safan from the film "Teen Wolf" (1985)
Push It to the Limit" performed by Paul Engemann from the film "Scarface" (1983)
 "Stand On Your Own" performed by Joe Toronto from the film  "No Retreat, No Surrender"
"Theme from  Tango and Cash" performed by Harold Faltermeyer (1989)
"Never" performed by Moving Pictures from the film "Footloose"
 "You're the Best" performed by Joe "Bean" Esposito from the film "The Karate Kid" (1984)
"Thunder in Your Heart" performed by John Farnham from the film "Rad" (1986)
 "Battle Stations" performed by Winger from the film "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" (1991)
"Come the Day" performed by Midge Ure from the film "Class of 1999" (1990)
"I'm Falling" performed by Comsat Angels from the film "Real Genius" (1985)
"Restless Heart (Running Away with You)" performed by John Parr from the film "The Running Man" (1987) 
"We Fight For Love" performed by The Power Station from the film "Commando" (1985)
"Rock Until You Drop" performed by Michael Sembello from the film "The Monster Squad" (1987) 
"Big Trouble in Little China" perfomed by The Coupe de Villes from "Big Trouble in Little China" (1986)
 "99 and a Half Wont Do" performed by Carol Lyn Townes from the film "Breakin' (1984)
 "The Last Dragon" performed by Dwight David from the film "The Last Dragon" (1985)
."New Jack Hustler" performed by Ice-T from the film "New Jack City" (1991)
 "War" performed by Vince DiCola from the film "Rocky 4" (1985)
"Fight to Survive" perfromed by Stan Bush from the film "Bloodsport" (1988)
"Winner Takes It All" performed by Sammy Hagar from the film "Over the Top" (1987)

T These songs are almost guaranteed to stay in your head so you're welcome!  Hope you have a great time going down that long strange trip down memory lane.  Thanks for listening.

"Sploding Nanners" : Guilty Pleasures Bananalaser Crossover

Here it is folks! One month in the works! It's the Cinema Beef/Bananalaser crossover episode! It's so jam-packed with controversy that it had to broken up in three parts! We let go of some of our deepest obsessions in pop culture in this our Guilty Pleasures episode! You'll hear outrageous thoughts on what we like from television, film and music that might make us lose some street cred. Also, you get to hear 11 of the finest podcasters that I have the pleasure of knowing get ambushed with 4 questionable questions each in a segment called Confessions of a Podcaster! Their answers may surprise you!  Hope you all enjoy!

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