Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CB Presents : Ladies Night #1

Welcome to ladies night at the Cinema Beef lounge! Where the women are fast and the men are bashful! I am joined by four lady podcasters on this go around. First up, Bloody Lizzie of the Terror Troop and I talk about bad parents and toys with retard strength in Dolls from 1987. Next, I am joined by those crazy gals from the Creepy Kitch podcast, Cindy and Stacy. We chat about lady parts and Linnea's lipstick boobs in Night of the Demons from 1988. Finally, Jamie Jenkins and I talk about sudden bouts of clairvoyance and trashy models in Eyes of Laura Mars from 1978. With all these lovely women, it makes it feel good to be the nicest guy in podcasting.

Contact Info

Facebook : Gary Hill
Twitter : @GDubby
E-Mail :

Bloody Lizzie

Twitter : @ElizaGera
Show Link : Terror Troop

Cindy and Stacy

Facebook : Stacy Parker, Cindy Kinnard
Twitter : @CinsAngel42, 
E-mail :
Show Link : Creepy Kitch Podcast

Jamie Jenkins 

Facebook : Jamie D. Jenkins
Twitter : @maven1974

Music Credits

Treat Her Like a Lady performed by Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose
Grits Ain't Groceries performed by Little Milton
Crying, Waiting, Hoping performed by The Head Cat

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